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Tanning Boston These days, it may not be a great idea to obtain a natural suntan. UV rays are known to cause all sorts of skin damage. At Solé Day Spa, you can enjoy the benefits of synthetic tanning. Boston is where you will find our spa and salon. Call 617.572.3636 to arrange your services.

People naturally associate a deep bronze tan with good health and leisurely living. Unfortunately, a natural suntan may not be the healthiest thing you can do to your skin. You may crave a golden bronzed body and face. UV tanning beds are not safer than natural sun, no matter what anyone tells you. UV rays are UV rays, anywhere you find them. In fact, tanning beds may be even more hazardous than natural sun. Spray tanning Boston is a much healthier idea. You have seen self-tanning lotions at your local drug store. If you've ever tried one of these self-tanning products, you might not have loved the results. Self-tanners are hard to apply evenly and your back may be impossible to reach by yourself. Come to Solé Day Spa and walk out our doors with a glorious, natural looking tan in about an hour.

Spray tanning Boston is an excellent idea in many ways. Solé Day Spa will make you feel as special as you truly are. If you are planning to attend a formal event and want to wear a backless gown, a spray tan will give you an even, all-over glow. During your tanning session, you may wear a bathing suit, bikini bottom or nothing at all. The tanning techs at Solé Day Spa are female, so you don't have to worry about feeling embarrassed when you come for your tan. Please shower and exfoliate the morning of your tan, and remember to eschew the lotion. Tanning Boston
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